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FreeMotion Fitness™, a subsidiary of ICON Health & Fitness, is dedicated to providing total fitness solutions with competitive financing, quality customer service, comprehensive training and unparalleled products. FreeMotion™, the first and only full circuit of integrated functional strength training equipment. NordicTrack® Commercial Cardio has revolutionized the industry with Workout TV™, the first cable-access TV integrated into the console of the equipment. EPIC Strength™ utilizes ergonomic design and never-before-seen features to improve traditional strength training. FreeMotion Fitness is also the exclusive U.S. distributor of Reebok® Professional Studio Products and Reebok®-Tomahawk® Indoor Cycling Solutions.

FreeMotion Fitness was founded in 1999 based on a simple, yet bold observation: One-dimensional training doesn't carry over to a three-dimensional world. A place where twisting, turning, and moving in all planes is a daily fact of life.

In December 2000, ICON Health & Fitness acquired the company and established FreeMotion Fitness as its commercial division. As a wholly owned subsidiary, we afford all of the benefits of a globally connected company, yet stand independent with respect to operations, research, development, sales and marketing.

Established in 1977, ICON is the world's largest marketer and manufacturer of fitness equipment, with a heritage of revolutionizing the industry with innovative products. To ensure customers receive the highest quality and best performing equipment, we have a 21,000 sq. ft. prototype development facility and 140,000 sq. ft. of ISO 9001 manufacturing capacity devoted solely to FreeMotion Fitness' commercial products.

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FreeMotion-S11.9-Indoor-Cycle-with-Monitor FreeMotion S11.9 Group Cycle with Monitor
Retail Price: $1,799.00
Our Price: $799.00
You save $1,000.00!
FreeMotion Epic Abdominal Bench Freemotion Epic Ab Bench
Our Price: $899.00
FreeMotion Epic Squat Rack Freemotion Epic Squat Rack
Our Price: $1,599.00
FreeMotion Adjustable Cable Column Functional Trainer FreeMotion Adjustable Cable Column
Retail Price: $2,789.00
Our Price: $1,599.00
FreeMotion Glute Ham Developer Freemotion FID Bench
Our Price: $2,069.00
FreeMotion Half Rack Freemotion Half Rack
Our Price: $2,969.00
FreeMotion Epic Shoulder Freemotion Epic Shoulder
Our Price: $3,499.00
FreeMotion Epic Chest Freemotion Epic Chest
Our Price: $3,549.00
FreeMotion Epic Tricep Freemotion Epic Tricep
Our Price: $3,549.00
FreeMotion Pro Half Rack Freemotion Pro Half Rack
Our Price: $3,579.00
FreeMotion Cable Crossover Functional Trainer Silver Frame FreeMotion Cable Cross Functional Trainer
Retail Price: $4,999.00
Our Price: $3,699.00
You save $1,300.00!
FreeMotion Epic Bicep Freemotion Epic Bicep
Our Price: $3,699.00
FreeMotion Epic Seated Row Freemotion Epic Seated Row
Our Price: $3,749.00
FreeMotion Epic Glute Freemotion Epic Glute
Our Price: $3,999.00
FreeMotion Epic Leg Curl Freemotion Epic Leg Curl
Our Price: $4,099.00
FreeMotion Epic Abdominal Freemotion Epic Abdominal
Our Price: $4,149.00
FreeMotion LiveAxis Quad Freemotion LiveAxis Quad
Our Price: $4,799.00
FreeMotion Pro Power Rack Freemotion Pro Power Rack
Our Price: $5,129.00
FreeMotion Epic Leg Press Freemotion Epic Leg Press
Our Price: $6,199.00
FreeMotion Double Half Rack Freemotion Double Half Rack
Our Price: $6,329.00
FreeMotion Strength Circuit  8 PC FreeMotion Strength Circuit – 8 PC
Retail Price: $23,992.00
Our Price: $7,999.00
You save $15,993.00!