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A combo unit is any type of plate-loaded or selectorized (pin loaded) machine that allows the user to perform 2 or more weight training exercises on a single piece of equipment. Saving money and space on your floor is a must have for certain fitness spaces. Typical combo units include, but are not limited to: 4-Way Neck Machine, Bicep Tricep, Flat Incline Chest and Shoulder Press, Pec Fly Rear Delt, Lat Pulldown Low Row, Abdominal Back, Leg Extension Leg Curl, Multi-Hip, Inner Outer Thigh, and Leg Press Calf. Gym Store has a large variety of brands for you to choose from including Body Solid, Inflight Fitness, Legend Fitness and Muscle-D.

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Inflight Fitness Multi Bicep Tricep Combo InFlight Bicep Tricep Combo
Our Price: $2,895.00
Inflight Fitness Incline Multi Leg Press InFlight Multi Leg Press
Our Price: $2,945.00
Four Stack Jungle Legend 4 Stack Multi Gym
Our Price: $7,999.00
Legend Fitness Eight Stack Jungle Legend 8 Stack Jungle Gym
Our Price: $10,999.00
Legend Fitness Unilateral Diverging High Row Legend Diverging High Row
Our Price: $2,699.00
Hi/Low Pulley Combo Legend Hi Low Pulley Combo
Our Price: $1,899.00
Multi Press Combo Legend Multi Press Combo
Our Price: $2,599.00
Muscle-D Bicep / Tricep Combo Muscle-D Dual Bicep Tricep
Our Price: $2,599.00
Muscle-D Multi 3 Way Chest Incline Shoulder Combo Muscle-D Dual Multi Press
Our Price: $2,799.00
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