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406 Atwater St.
Plantsville, CT 06479

Toll-Free / Fax : 866-496-2897

Sales: [email protected]
Customer Service: [email protected]
Government Sales: [email protected]

Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Cost Savings - Pre-Owned / Remanufactured / Refurbished Equipment
Fact: New equipment depreciates faster than pre-owned. Why should you pay more to have your equipment earn you less? When you invest in remanufactured gym equipment with Gym Store your start-up costs are lower, and your return on investment is seen quicker.

Gym Store specializes in the customization of any piece of new or pre-owned equipment to match color scheme in any facility (school, team, corporation, special event, etc.) from electrostatic powder-coating to two-tone high-grade upholstery options; customization finally meets quality with little to no additional costs.

Industry Leading Warranty
Gym Store offers an industry leading warranty; 1 Year Parts / 1 Year On Site Labor Warranty (with the ability to extend for up to 2 Years Parts/Labor) in the pre-owned market because of our confidence the quality of our products and attention to detail. Although service issues can occur with both new and used equipment, Gym Store will do all the heavy lifting if the time should come that you need service; however when the product a Gym Store product this is a rare occurrence.

Our experienced staff can offer expert advice on product selection, facility layouts and ways to stay within your budget.

Top Brands
From the latest in cardio technology to the very best in strength training equipment and accessories at discounted prices, Gym Store has everything you need to open your facility. We offer some of the best names in fitness equipment such as Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Precor, TechnoGym, Star Trac, Samsara True Form, Woodway, Cybex, FreeMotion, Green Series, LeMond, Muscle-D, Schwinn, StairMaster, Nautilus, NuFit, York Barbell, SciFit, Body Craft, Body Solid, Jacob's Ladder, The Abs Company, Marpo Kinetics, Total Gym, Keiser, In-Flight, Water Rower, TreadWall, Legend, Concept2, TKO, Bladez Fitness and more!

Leasing & Financing
Gym Store offers many flexible financing programs for start-up gyms, existing facilities, expansions, and even non-profit organizations. Leasing offers many tax advantages including tax deductible payments. We offer 100% financing with no down payment as well as a $1 buy-out option at the end of the term. Fill out a simple one-page application to find out more about funding for your business.

Warranty & Repair Service
While at Gym Store we always strive to provide a perfect product and service experience; sometimes things can go wrong. Regardless, Gym Store is here to assist you anywhere in the United States and beyond with our network of over 500+ proven technicians and specialty installers that make the process seamless when working Gym Store.

Lifetime Technical Support
At Gym Store, we believe that the sale ends with the delivery. Building and maintaining a positive relationship with each and every client is just as important as providing high-quality products. If you are a client of Gym Store you will receive lifetime technical support to assist you with any and all of your fitness needs or questions. We consider this a necessity as each Gym Store client is an integral part of our own success and should be treated as such.


Gym Store offers rental gym equipment to a myriad of clients across all industries including print / film / TV production, hotel service / hospitality providers, corporations / Fortune 500 companies , nonprofits / NGOs, celebrities, and more.

International Shipping
Gym Store has an extensive knowledge of international trade laws and logistic services to best transport one or 1000 pieces of equipment to any port of call worldwide. Our staff is able to handle paperwork; provide access to the best local customs brokers, and ensure safe & secure arrival of your new purchased equipment to the nearest ocean or airport or even your own front doorstep.

PO BOX 291
Chinchilla, PA 18411