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Hammer Strength, A division of the Life Fitness franchise owned by the Brunswick Corporation has long set the standard for other equipment manufacturers to follow. From the invention of the original Life Cycle to developing one of the toughest and most world renowned strength equipment lines in Hammer Strength, innovation came as second nature.

Hammer Strength is set apart from other companies by the durable heavy gauge 14 mm forged steel combined with the most commercial bearings made. Close attention to detail in isometrics and kinetic movements along with working with industry professionals like Dorian Yates (Creator of the Hammer Strength DY ROW) has established Hammer Strength as a leader and not a follower.

Hammer Strength was the creations of Gary Jones, son of the legendary fitness equipment manufacturer, Arthur Jones who began a little know company called Nautilus who also set many standards in the fitness equipment industry. In the 1990's Life Fitness, seeing the popularity and quality of the brand acquired Hammer Strength and added it to their long list of over 400 quality Life Fitness equipment products sold worldwide.

From the one of a kind Hammer Strength Jammer to the Hammer Strength Shrug machine described by many as "the only one I will use" Hammer Strength keeps going strong and has maintained a product line that gym owners and thousands of other users to this date find to be the must have equipment line.
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