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The Ultimate Guide to Buying
Used, Refurbished, and Remanufactured Gym Equipment

In a quickly changing market with a new “fitness equipment sales companies” appearing almost daily online it is very important for customers to understand what separates one company from another.

After over 15 years of experience in the new and used fitness equipment industry, we have seen a lot of companies come and go. From companies that flat out misled people and took sales for equipment they didn’t have, to bait-and-switch tactics or even going as far as spray painting a treadmill belt and calling it a new one - there have been a variety of tricks.

During our early years in the industry, we saw customers being let down because a company couldn’t or didn’t want to make good on their promises. We knew there had to be a better way to offer quality products at a good price without cutting out service, and that is what Gym Store is all about. As you shop around, keep these insider tips in mind to make sure you choose the best vendor for your gym equipment.


  1. PROTECTION: How long is the warranty on pre-owned equipment? Gym Store offers one year.

  2. PERFORMANCE: We only deal with top-of-the-line parts vendors who guarantee longer lasting equipment.

  3. PRICE: We join competitive prices with quality – for longer lasting equipment.

  1. Amateur Website: Look at the professionalism of their web/storefront presence and content. The more information they offer customers, the more open they usually are with all communications. A site that connotes low quality, and cuts corners on the web usually does the same in service. Compare to Gym Store’s regularly updated site.
  2. Non Certification by Manufacturers: This costs time and money to do. Only a reputable company would take the time to do this to better their talents and quality over all. Would you want a doctor with no medical school degree operating on you? Gym Store has many certifications from renowned vendors.
  3. Lack of Business History: Have they been around for a while, and/or have their employees worked in the industry for a long time? Many businesses cheat and defraud people then simply change names every time they are over their heads. Don’t be the next victim of one of these players. Ask for references. Good companies would be happy to provide these. The older the customers, the better the company is at taking care of their customers. Gym Store just celebrated its 15th year!

  4. Misrepresentation of Products or Services: Does the finished item match the website picture? All companies like to use stock photos which promote products perfectly but that is not always what you are getting. Be sure to ask to see previous projects and actual photos of what you are supposedly buying. Any company or individual for that matter can post a used/new piece of equipment online but do they know anything about it? Buying used equipment can be a headache if you are dealing with a company that just wants to move pieces rather than cater to your business or personal needs.

  5. Lack of Communication: Are they immediately responsive? By a regular employee? Do they pick up their phones? Do they have a live person to respond to your needs? Before the sale? After the sale? If there are delays or issues with something will you be notified before the sale? At all before delivery?

  6. Lack of or poor Customer Reviews: People like to talk. You are twice as likely however to get a negative response/review online from disgruntled customers rather than the preferred good review from a happy one. If you do a basic search online you can see what the real world thinks of the company you want to do business with. The more negative or more positive reviews should shed some light on the character of your company. You should also be able to find out how many times the company you are working with has changed names or skirted its responsibilities in the past.

  7. Lack of Warranties or Short Product Guarantees: Flat out this is usually one of the most telling aspects of any company. The longer more comprehensive warranties offered (especially on pre-owned equipment) show a company’s commitment to quality and the products being offered. The best companies take a bumper to bumper approach on taking care of this for customers quickly and correctly. While no equipment can ever be perfect is the response rate of a company that how important service after the sale is. Ask your company how quickly they respond to in-state or out-of-state warranty issues that may arise. Gym Store offers a one year warranty on all pre-owned and refurbished fitness equipment.

  8. Non Payment of Suppliers: Trouble paying vendors often means companies have trouble completing orders and ultimately the customer is provided delay excuses simple because the company is waiting for new order income to keep operation moving forward. Ask for a Dun and Bradstreet Score, Better Business Bureau and others to get an unbiased opinion on the strength and reliability of the company you are dealing with.

  9. Lack of Extra Services: If you can buy equipment from a company anywhere in the US nowadays who is going to arrange shipping (international or domestics) to save you time and money? Who will create custom made packaging to prevent damage in transport? Who can design floor plans to make sure your equipment plan will fit? Who can offer other things you need like flooring, dumbbells, mirrors, lockers, and more to truly complete your gym vision?

Every company is nice and seems professional when they are trying to get the sale and collect your money.
Keep this checklist in mind before you give out your personal information:

  • Who exactly are you giving your money to?
  • Is this a real business?
  • Are they working out of a garage somewhere?
  • How do you know they are reputable?
  • Are they doing the services you are asking for?
  • Do they have certified technicians?
  • Are they selling good products or just what they want to move to you?
  • Do they have experience in their field or is this a side hobby for extra income?
  • Are you confident you will actually receive the product you paid for in the condition stated? If not, who will help you when things go wrong?

In many cases, the answers to these questions are not positive. That is why it is important to work with the right company from the beginning. Even though you might see a deal with savings ‘too good to be true’, it will likely turn out to cost you a lot more in the long run.

We Want To Save You A Headache
Here's What You Can Expect When Shopping With Gym Store
The length of a fitness equipment supplier’s warranty is usually indicative of their confidence in the products they produce. We offer the longest warranty because we know the hard work and attention to detail that we put in each machine to minimize service incidents.

Customers that are price matching often ask what makes our equipment different than the same treadmill being sold on X competitor’s site. Sometimes its not what you see but rather what you don’t see. Cheap imported belts and decks are being made and sold for $50 or less each. They may look similar to the quality belts used by the original manufacturer, but they are made cheaply, wear away in less than half the time and are not correctly calibrated to fit the machines they are produced for. The same goes for bearings, bushings and other parts as well. If a company is willing to sacrifice quality on critical parts of a machine just save a few bucks, what else they are willing to compromise?

Each machine that leaves our warehouse is worked on and tested by a certified gym equipment technician, and we make sure our prices are always in the line with even the most competitive vendors. We also make sure to note the where the quality you receive and costs of competitors may differ.

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