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Merrithew Pilates Essentials Kit
Merrithew Pilates Essentials Kit


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The Pilates Essentials Kit is the ultimate toolbox of Pilates props and accessories for instructors and at-home practitioners looking to add variety and challenge to Matwork, Reformer or equipment-based workouts. This specially priced bundle includes our most versatile professional-quality props that help build core strength and re-balance muscles, improve strength, stamina and flexibility as well as target and repair injuries and other movement impairments. Individual props come complete with bonus downloadable exercise guides. For more workout ideas checkout our collection of Workout DVDs featuring these Pilates must-haves. No substitutions.

Establish a stronger mindbody connection
Pilates props help facilitate the proper execution of an exercise and reinforce that essential mindbody connection. This could mean helping achieve neutral alignment, firing the correct muscle group or activating dormant muscles. Props often add new challenge that forces us to learn how to control movement while identifying areas that require development. Establishing this mindbody connection goes a long way in ensuring a biomechanically correct, pain-free Pilates practice.

Build core strength and a stronger back
More than just abs, at least 29 muscles make up our body’s core which provides the support and strength we need to perform everyday movements. From lifting up children to riding a bicycle, a healthy, strong core creates a stable foundation for the arms and legs to lift, reach, bend and twist.

Props are a great at employing compound movements – ones that engage numerous joints and muscles simultaneously, promoting muscular balance, better posture and strength gains throughout the entire body.

Gain flexible, long, lean muscle
Traditional workouts are often weight bearing and tend to build short, bulky muscles - the type most prone to injury. Pilates elongates and strengthens, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. By assisting us with proper alignment and going beyond conventional weight baring exercise, Pilates props provide essential proprioceptive feedback and core-integrated movements that lead to a body with balanced strength and flexibility that is less likely to be injured.

Rebalance muscles for improved athletic performance and injury prevention
Similarly, many conventional workouts tend to work the same muscles which results in weak muscles getting weaker and strong muscles over worked. The result? Muscular imbalance, the major culprit of injury and chronic back pain.

Pilates props help condition the entire body, even the ankles and feet and often simultaneously. No particular muscle group is over or under trained. This leads to the necessary muscular balance, functional strength and an evenly conditioned body. Gains in biomechanically correct movement assist us in everyday activities and improve our performance during sports and athletic activity.

  • Fitness Circle® Pro - 14 inch (Blue)
  • Toning Ball Two-Pack - 2 lbs
  • Stability Cushion – Small (green)
  • Foam Roller Deluxe - 36 inch (Purple)
  • Mini Stability Ball - Small (Blue)
  • Flex-Band® 2 Pack (Regular & Extra Strength)
  • Eco-Friendly Pilates Pad

Product Specifications:
Fitness Circle ProDiameter: 14 in (35.5 cm)
Weight: 1.7 lbs (0.77 kg)
Toning Ball 2-PackDiameter: 4.3 in (11 cm)
Weight: 2 x 2 LBS (0.9 kg)
Stability Cushion Diameter: 14 in (36 cm)
Foam Roller DeluxeDimensions: 6 in (15 cm)
Length: 36 in (92 cm)
Mini Stability BallDimensions: 7.5 in (19 cm)
Note, in order to improve function and design, our Mini Stability Balls are subject to a sizing tolerance of .75 in (19 mm) that can be observed due to the flexibility of the material in this product and the amount of air inflation applied.
Flex Band 2-PackDimensions: 77 in L x 6 in W (198 cm L x 15 cm W)
Eco-Friendly Pilates PadDimensions: 7.5 in L x 15 in W (19 cm L x 36 cm W)
Thickness: 0.5 in (1.2 cm)
Weight: 1.5 LBS (0.68 kg)

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