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NYPD Cruiser Treadmill / New York Police Department Treadmill

This one of a kind creation from the GS Customs is one of our most impressive to date. Using a Life Fitness TR9500HR this piece is a nod to the brave men and women of our Police Department and all the hard work they do to protect the Greatest City in the World.

After 15+ years of having the privilege to serve the New York City Police Department, NYPD with their fitness needs Gym Store has become an institution that keeps our Boys in Blue (literally) running at their top physical performance to keep our City safe. We have worked with more than half of all Police Precincts in all 5 boroughs including other Law Enforcement Departments such as: the Port Authority Police Department, The Office of the Sheriff of the City of New York, and The Department of Corrections. In our experience we have encountered some of the best, and more often than not, the worst Police precinct fitness centers. These gyms are certainly not what you would expect to find in one of the country's most metropolitan city.

After talking with Officers, Lieutenants, and Captains on how we could better assist their needs GS Customs came up with a way to give back:

* We offer higher trade-in values to maximize the equity of equipment the Precincts have on site.

* Lowered the cost of our products to wholesale prices.

* Donate various products throughout the year.

* Offer credit terms on payment so equipment can be delivered sooner.

* Lastly and most notably we offered a No Purchase Necessary contest that awarded the winner our one-of-a-kind custom NYPD-themed treadmill that is a tribute to all the hard work and dedication the Police bring to our great City.

GS Customs sent an entry slip to every Precinct and outpost in the City for a chance to win the custom treadmill. After a huge response and all the entries being collected the lucky Precinct selected was the 114th Precinct in Astoria, NY (Queens County). Below are some pictures on the delivery date with the company owner, Christopher Kelly shaking hands with the happy recipients.

GS Customs is no stranger to making the our community and nation at large a better place through donations. When we can we donate or do something extra for those that help our Cities, States, and Country like the Police, Fire Department, Volunteer Fire Departments, the Armed Forces, EMTs (no apostrophe) , U.S. Marshals Service, and charities that work on improving the lives of others. This is just our way of saying thanks to New York's Finest for doing their sometimes thankless work and hopefully making all those bad guys the ones that should be running.