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Maintenance on Your Elliptical


• Remove excessive accumulation of dust, dirt, sweat, and other substances by using a clean soft cloth and a liquid non-abrasive cleaner such as fitness equipment polish. Wipe down the display board, covers, pedals, handlebars, and seat.

NOTE: DO NOT spray any liquid directly onto the display or heart rate grips.


• Vacuum the floor under and around the exercise bike. Move the bike so that you can better remove the dust from under the bike.

• Inspect the screws of the display panel as well as the covers to ensure that they are tight. Retighten if necessary.

• Test each bike in the user mode for proper function. Some problems that can be found by testing the bike: clicking pedals, faulty display, dead battery, and no resistance. Test the bikes resistance levels. If any problems are found report them to a fitness equipment repair company so that they may make arrangements to have the bike repaired.


• Check that the seat, pedals, and shrouds (covers) are secure.

• Check to make sure that the pedals are attached tightly to the crank shafts by using a wrench.


• Remove the covers from the exercise bike, annual for home users.

• Vacuum the interior of the bike and use a fine paint brush to remove any dust build up.

• Clean any grease off the inside of the covers using Fitness Equipment Cleaner and Degreaser.

• If the bike is chain driven clean the chain using Fitness Equipment Cleaner and Degreaser and then use white lightning to re-lubricate the chain. If it is a belt driven bike check the belt for damage, including frays, and cracks. If the belt is damaged or the chain is broken report the problem to a service company, so that they can make arrangements to have the bike repaired.

• Remove the alternator brushes from the alternator and check for wear if they are worn report the problem to an owner or manager so that they may make arrangements to have the parts replaced. When re-installing the motor brushes be sure that they are re-inserted the exact same way that they were removed. If this is not performed correctly it will damage the alternator, which will result in the need for repair or replacement of the alternator.

• Check to make sure that the crank assembly is tight you can do this by using a wrench. If the crank is wobbling around just by touch it will need a new bearing. If either of these problems occurs report it to a service company, so that they may make arrangements to have the bike repaired.

• Before putting the covers back on check to make sure all of the electrical connections are connected correctly and that none of the tips look burnt.

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Exercise Bike Maintenance Kit (Generic)

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