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Maintenance on Your Elliptical
elliptical maintenance


• Remove dust, dirt, and other substances from the elliptical using a clean, soft cloth and a liquid, non-abrasive cleaner such as fitness equipment polish or simple green. Wipe the display board, handrails, shroud, and heart rate grips.

• Precor elliptical maintenance: Clean the ramps and wheels everyday with fitness equipment polish. Sweat and dust mix together forming brown marks as well as clumps that destroy both the wheels and the ramps.

• Star Trac Natural Runner and Elliptical Edge Maintenance: Clean the track everyday with Fitness Equipment Polish.

NOTE: DO NOT spray any liquid directly onto the display or heart rate grips.


• Vacuum the floor under and around the elliptical. You may want to move the elliptical over so that you can vacuum under the entire machine.

• Inspect the display, and handrail screws to ensure the screws are not loose. Retighten if necessary.

• Test each elliptical for proper function in user mode. If the unit is equipped with elevation or resistance make sure to test them as well.


• Remove the rear cover and using a vacuum and a fine paint brush remove all of the dust, annual for home users.

• Inspect the drive belt for wear, cracks, and frays. If the drive belt is damaged report this problem to an owner or manager so that they may make arrangements to have this replaced.

• Inspect the wheels and ramps, or rails on the elliptical. If they are worn report this problem to the owner or manager so that they can make arrangements to have them replaced.

• Precor Elliptical Maintenance: Lubricate the elevation screw with fitness equipment lubricant. This is located in the front housing on Precor ellipticals.

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