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Health Mark Sport Vibe 2000 Vibration Plate
Health Mark Sport Vibe 2000 Vibration Plate

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WHOLE BODY VIBRATION/OSCILLATION TRAINING creates a fast twitch muscle response to the involuntary muscle contractions created by the vibration, and another simultaneous muscle response to the continuous instability that is being forced upon the body by the vertically shifting plane. This muscle response is called Tonic Reflex Vibration (TVR).

  While it is virtually impossible to produce a vibration machine with 100% ‘Lineal Motion’, the patented design of the Health Mark SPORT VIBE 2000 is as close as achievable. This design allows the body to work more directly against gravity, essentially allowing you to use your own body weight to work out with, while limiting side-ways stresses to the joints. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as ‘Hyper Gravity’ or ‘Increased Gravity’. The movement exerted onto and into your body by the vertical oscillation will help to optimize muscle performance in regards to strength, power, flexibility, and tone while improving reflex strength and balance. This same technology can also be used to relax and rehabilitate tired muscles, temporarily improve blood, lactic acid and lymphatic fluid circulation. Research has indicated that these techniques can also help increase bone mass density, improve hip strength and gate, help alleviate discomfort from joint pain and arthritis, improve immune and lymph system function, and help with muscular disfunctions such as Muscular Sclerosis.

  Amongst the numerous available studies performed on the benefits of standard WBV, NASA is in the midst of their own studies regarding the benefits of skeletal muscle development under an environment of artificially increased gravity. This study indicates a means by which to provide a more effective muscle building program while using no external weights, or a reduced amount of external weights, while also applying more force directly to the muscle belly. Also, by exercise standards and definition, the principle of applying a rapid contractive force to a muscle is considered to be a plyometric training technique. Therefore, the use of combining vertical vibration to a muscle group under an isometric contraction is essentially a hybrid of isometrics and plyometrics; and even more so when true plyometric movement is incorporated in the training session. We have coined this type of training ‘PLISOMETRICS’.

  The SPORT VIBE 2000 also features adjustable Isometric Tension Straps for increasing the spectrum of upper and lower body workouts; and with its ‘Whisper Quiet’ engineering you’ll barely hear it operating. With an operating range of 4 Hz. – 12 Hz. administered through 8 manual and 7 auto programs, and a 4 mm fixed amplitude, the SPORT VIBE 2000 boasts a maximum weight capacity of 660 lbs. which is unmatched by any machine of comparable in size and amplitude. This huge weight capacity allows for heavy weight lifting while on the machine for ‘PLISO WEIGHTED VIBRATION TRAINING’, and the broad frequency range is perfect for training, relaxing and rehabilitating. ‘Don’t Just Compete, Destroy your Competition’ when you train, relax and rehabilitate with the SPORT VIBE 2000.


* Plisometric Exercises
* Vibrating Isometric Exercises
* Muscle Stimulation
* Improving Balance
* Improving Flexibility
* Perform Muscle Building and Toning Isometric Poses: Push-Up, Assymetric Squat, Balance Assisted Squat, V-Up, Modified Crunch, Calf Raise, Double Leg Raise, Triceps Dip, Pelvic Thrust, Modified Push-Up, Plank Push-Up, Plank Side Push-Up, Lunge, Plisometric Triceps Dips
* Perform Balance Training Exercises: Flamingo Stance, Front Leg Extension, Rear Leg Extension, Swan Pose
* Perform Flexibility Training: Glute/Leg Stretch, Adductor Stretch, Abductor Stretch, Torso Twist
* Assume Numerous Massage/Meditative/Relaxation/Yoga Poses
* Perform Non-Stagnant Contraction (Power Movements) with or without Weights or Medicine Balls: Single Leg Side Thrust, Single Leg Front Thrust, Side Step w/ Single Leg Side Thrust, Front Step w/ Single Leg Side Thrust, Squat Thrust, Lunge Thrust
* Sports Specific Applications for Basketball, Volleyball, Combat Sports, Gymnastics, Baseball, Swing Sports, Football, Tennis and More
* Use the Isometric Tension Straps to perform front lateral raises, side lateral raises, biceps curls, shoulder shrugs, triceps kickbacks, squat presses and squat laterals


* Optimize Muscle Performance
* Optimize Strength
* Optimize Power
* Optimize Flexibility
* Optimize Tone
* Improve Reflex Strength
* Improve Agility
* Improve Quickness
* Relax and Rehabilitate Tired Muscles
* Ligament Rehabilitation
* Helps Against Osteoporosis by Maintaining or Increasing Bone Mass Density
* Helps Relieve the Pain Caused by Acute Back Pain
* Helps to Improve Postural Stability
* Increases Strength and Stability in the Hip Flexors
* Temporarily Improves Circulation of the Blood and Lymphatic Fluids
* Helps with Weight Loss


* Optimum Vertical Vibration
* Frequency: 4 Hz - 12 Hz
* Control: Control Panel
* Programming: 8 Manual / 7 Auto
* Oscillating Amplitude: 4 mm. fixed
* Weight Capacity 660 lbs
* Isometric Tension Straps Included
* Rear Wheels
* Detailed User's Guide
* Rear base stabilizer
* Net Weight: 176 lbs.
* Dimensions: 27” x 26.5” x 56.5”
* ETL Approved
* Application: Professional

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